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My goal is to provide you with a wonderful experience and create portraits for your home.

I would love to spend time with you to capture great memories for you to enjoy for a lifetime.

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Everyday Moments Captured for a Lifetime of Memories

Thank you for taking the time to look at my website.  My name is Toni Kahnke.  Along with being a wife, a mother to an angel baby and five fur babies, I am a passionate portrait photographer serving Belle Fourche, South Dakota and the surrounding areas.  I have been certified through South Central College in Mankato, MN in Advanced Digital Photography.  I have also received several honors in Capture Dakota, Capture Minnesota and The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for Landscape and Portrait photos.  I specialize in High School Senior, Child, Couple, Family, Commercial and Landscape Photography.

I believe in stories; they are the fabric that weaves our lives into memories.  They impact us both in wonderful and sometimes trying ways. I, as we all do, have had my share of happy and sad times and in those sad times I discovered photography.  Life’s moments are fleeting; people we love can be taken from us at anytime and my passion for photography stems from helping others capture those special people and moments.  I can’t wait to join you on your next adventure in capture life’s moments!

“A moment, a glimpse in time, felt in your heart and remembered in photographs.”  -Toni Kahnke

When you look at your photos, they may be from a recent family vacation, an everyday moment, school photos or a loved one’s passing.  Those photos stir up memories, happy or sad, it’s part of your story.  Like most people, you’ve been capturing your biggest moments for a very long time.  A professional portrait session will you not only capture beautiful photos, but will showcase special personalities, unique attributes and fun, playful personas will come to life.

Maybe you have a new addition to your family, even a fur baby, your child is turning 5, it’s branding time at the ranch, your child is graduating high school, or your family is getting together for the weekend.  Any time is a perfect one for a portrait session.  As the expression goes, “the days are long, but the years are short”—time goes by so quickly and it’s essential to capture these beautiful moments before they’re gone.

Sessions take place on location, in a special spot where you can be comfortable and have fun—think of a favorite park, field, backyard, at the ranch, in the city or anywhere you just love.  You may also choose to have a part of or all of your session in the studio.  Add in some favorite clothes, a special prop or two, and maybe even the family pet and you’ve created the perfect opportunity to capture amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

I would like to introduce to you my fur babies:  Sawyer, Cummins, Beau, Finley and Bentley.