Studio Guide

My goal is to provide you with a wonderful experience and create portraits for your home.

I would love to spend time with you to capture great memories for you to enjoy for a lifetime.

Call today for a design session that’s perfect for you!

The Location

Choosing a great location is one of the most important pieces of creating your photo session.  The backdrop you select will set the stage for the entire session and will be an essential piece of every shot, post and ultimately the finished product.  We recommend picking a spot that’s special to you, either a spot you love, somewhere you frequent or a place that best represents you. I will also make suggestion on locations that I think would be a great spot for you.  You may also opt to have a part of your session done in the studio.

I have seen amazing session’s everywhere from parks to baseball and football fields, a ranch to open meadows, in the city and in the studio. The beautiful backdrop of the Black Hills also provides many great location options.  I will work with you to determine the best place to take your photos.

“It only takes a moment to make a memory.”  -Author Unknown

I promise you that a photo session with me will be fun, easy, laid back and a memorable experience.  We’ll create a session that’s based off your style and create beautiful photos you’ll love and enjoy for years to come.